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Brandon Sanderson

Details: The book Elantris is a traditional fantasy novel. The book is characteristic by political machinations, feuds, swords, sorcery, and romance. The author offers the reader an interesting and memorable story that is full of suspense. Mistborn: The Final Empire. This is …

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Jonathan Kellerman

Details: This book contains beautiful pictures and fascinating historical examples of some of the rarest and most sought after guitars in history. Jonathan Kellerman’s unique perspective on the darker side of the human experience and his masterful control of the written word make him one of the most talented and exciting authors working today.

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Anne-Marie Meyer

Details: The latest book in the series, Absence of Mallets, is the 9th book in this cozy mystery series. If you're a cozy mystery fan, this is a great series to read. More Details. Donations/Dec Charities. I often get asked by readers if they can donate to the site as a thank you for all the hard work. While I appreciate the offer – please support one

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Inspector Wexford

Details: In this book, one of the most famous sleuths of the 20th century, named Inspector Wexford, was introduced. As the plot of the book begins, it is shown that Margaret Parsons is a timid housewife and that there is no extraordinary thing about her.

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Beautiful Creatures

Details: This book incorporates death, dying, and acceptance in a very unique way that you won’t find in other fantasy novels. Lena never accepted that Ethan was gone forever, and it turns out that she was right. If you thought the ending was impressive to the other three books, wait until you read the ending of this final book in the series.

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